Harnessing the Power of Employee Advocacy: Boost Brand Visibility and Trust

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocacy is a new buzzword that is sweeping the marketing industry. It is a way to harness the power of employees’ social media networks to promote and distribute company content.

This strategy is effective because it increases brand visibility and generates bigger audiences on social. It also carries more authenticity with audiences than conventional marketing tactics.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

It’s getting harder for marketing teams to generate visibility and nurture prospects with tried-and-true tactics alone. With audiences becoming pickier about the content they consume, CPAs going up and competitors crowding in, it’s time to get creative.

That’s where employee advocacy comes in. By sharing branded content with their networks, employees can help to increase brand awareness and amplify the reach of the messages that their marketing teams have worked hard on. Moreover, the authenticity of content from real people is much more effective than that of an impersonal company account. This is especially true when it comes to attracting talent. Potential candidates value transparency and want to gain a true insight into what it is like to work for your organization. It is what sets employee advocacy apart from traditional forms of marketing.

2. Increase Sales

Employee advocacy can increase sales in two ways: by attracting new customers and by building trust quickly. This is especially true when employees truly believe in the products and services they’re selling.

This is why companies that prioritize employee advocacy tend to have lower employee turnover, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, and are able to further reduce marketing spend, lower costs, and boost profits.

A strong employee advocacy program is built on a foundation of inspiring products and services, an engaging culture, and the ability for employees to share content that aligns with their personal brand. It also takes a bit of time to build up engagement and loyalty, so it’s important that vendors are prepared to help with the planning, deployment, and support for an employee advocacy program.

3. Build Brand Trust

Having a strong employee advocacy program that encourages employees to promote the company and its products on their personal social media channels bolsters brand credibility. Aside from increasing reach, it also humanizes the business by showing that there are people behind it who care about what they do. In turn, this can help attract prospective customers and boost employee retention.

As tried-and-true marketing tactics like ads become less effective, advocates are increasingly becoming a go-to strategy for businesses to increase their reach and generate leads. But it’s important to remember that employee advocacy is more than just resharing corporate posts. Authentic, thought leadership-centered content from your employees can have the same impact. In fact, it may even be more impactful. This is especially true when you incorporate a mix of both branded and third-party content.

4. Increase Employee Engagement

For any company, employee advocacy can be an effective way to increase employee engagement. It allows employees to become an extension of the marketing team by sharing the company’s content in their own unique voices on social media. It also helps to humanize the brand by showing the positive experiences of employees at the company.

Lastly, employee advocacy can lead to more traffic and business for the company by increasing click-throughs on content shared and increased website traffic. This is a key metric to look at when measuring the success of your employee advocacy program.

Employee advocacy is the new generation of marketing that can help amplify your reach and build brand trust in fresh audiences with nothing but organic content. But it’s important to remember that building an employee advocacy program takes time and requires commitment from all parties involved.

5. Increase Employee Engagement

Employee advocacy helps your company gain visibility, increase sales and build brand trust in a way that feels natural and organic. In addition, it can help you attract talent by fostering a sense of community and transparency, which is important for recruitment and engagement.

A well-run employee advocacy program can transform your employees into powerful marketers, sellers and recruiters. It also helps humanize the brand by demonstrating that your company is comprised of people, not a monolithic corporation. Ensure that you align your employee advocacy goals with the goals of each department to drive program adoption and success. It will also keep your team members motivated as they see how their work is having an impact on the business. This can be done through gamification or by highlighting top performers.

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