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Our fiscal sponsor, HAVEN, is a nonprofit serving survivors of domestic violence through intervention services, including a shelter, 24-hour support line, legal advocacy and counseling, as well as empowering programs for survivors. Our partnership with HAVEN, makes any contribution tax exempt.

Every dollar counts. Thank you!

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Dear Supporters,

Rewind to Fast-Forward has become bigger than I ever could have imagined. The success of the Kickstarter campaign was tremendous. I received thousands of personal messages from survivors around the globe and was contacted by Academy Award Winning industry professionals who want to help make this film the best it can be. The reality that a single three minute, thirty-eight second video could inspire such unwavering support opened my eyes to the true potential of this film — to connect, bring hope, and initiate positive change.

With that in mind, I’ve committed, in every step of production, to making this the best film possible. While the original plan was to edit this film in house, I realize now more than ever that I need to be patient, raise more money, and incorporate a team of the highest caliber in the making of Rewind to Fast-Forward. This will include hiring an editor with a wealth of experience in telling complex stories that weave archival footage with the present and working with a composer and sound design team that will make the film (especially in a theatrical viewing) come to life just as much through dynamic sound as with compelling imagery.

If you are interested in becoming a co-producer or co-executive producer of Rewind to Fast-Forward, please contact us for specialized donation information.

Together, we really can open a gate to healing for millions of people, children and adults alike.

Thank you,

Sasha Joseph Neulinger